Estimate how often to test your business continuity plan.

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Unit 4: Operating a Small Business Effectively from your course textbook. Operating a business for success requires many activities, and a mandatory activity is creating, testing, and maintaining a comprehensive business continuity plan. Regardless of the size of the business, management must be prepared to effectively cope with business disruptions. Failure to do so might end the business.
Perform a web search, as well as a search in the University of Arizona Global Campus Library, for information about small business continuity planning. Then, address the following in your discussion post:
Find a template that appeals to you and provide a link to the template so others may view and critique the template.
Critique the template as a tool appropriate for proposing preventive and remedial actions for business interruptions common to the area in which you might operate, for example, chronic flooding.
Estimate how often to test your business continuity plan.
Defend your estimate.
Critique templates and test frequency estimates provided by two of your colleagues.
Offer a link to a video or an article that provides additional information business continuity planning an entrepreneur might find informative.


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