Discussion week 1: The new World Please Read the attached to this week 1 (FILES)

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Discussion week 1: The new World Please Read the attached to this week 1 (FILES) “Columbus.PDF” file, which is chapter one from Peoples History of the United States authored by Howard Zinn, and “Two Monuments”, a chapter from the book titled 1493 by Charles Mann and respond to the following questions: Discussion Forum Topic for week 1: ( PLEASE THIS IS THE QUESTION AND TOPIC ) What were some of the deeper biological/environmental in nature issues Columbus’ men met on arrival in the New World? Discuss some of the curiosities… Do not simply describe the first contact but focus on pathology, exchanges, environment, etc. The format for the forum: The main post: a three to five-paragraphed narrative introducing your idea or reaction, backed with evidence, and a conclusion. A paragraph is understood to be composed of 5-8 sentences with proper citations, references, and style/grammar. The main post is always Wednesday MLA format, 5 Paragraphs Example of Paper format: Student’s Name: History 21 18 May 2022 Discussion of week 1 In regard to this week’s discussion, the My Lai massacre became a defining symbol of the Vietnam war. The My Lai Massacre was a horrific event that began on March 16, 1968. “A unit of American Division’s 11th Infantry Brigade arrived in the hamlet of My Lai, which was located in the northern part of South Vietnam (Stanek). Their mission was to “search and destroy” the 48th Viet Cong Battalion who were believed to be there (Stanek). Instead of finding the 48th Viet Cong Battalion, they stumbled upon villagers eating breakfast and unfortunately over 500 innocent villagers, including old men, woman, and children (Stanek). This wasn’t the first time American troops committed war crimes, but it was by far the worst one. The My Lai Massacre was covered up until Ron Ridenhour, “a 22-year-old helicopter gunner from another unit”, wrote to “30 congressional and military officials” (Stanek) The experience of very few American troops in My Lai has not prevented similar crimes on civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan. For example, there was an investigation on the US military that was expected to “conclude that a unit of marines killed 24 civilians, among them women and children, in retaliation for the death of a comrade”, and if verified, this occurrence would be considered “the worst war crime committed by US forces in Iraq” (Poole). Although this incident is on a smaller scale, it certainly sparked comparisons with the massacre towards “Vietnamese villagers at My Lai in 1968” (Poole). Republican Congressmen for Minnesota, John Kline, was informed on the findings, and told New York Times, “This was not an accident. This was direct fire by marines at civilians” (Poole). John Kline also states “This was not an immediate response to an attack. This would be an atrocity” (Poole). After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that the killings were “methodical in nature” and occurred as the unit conducted a sweep through a town lasting three to five hours” (Poole). In conclusion, warfare is constantly changing so, therefore, military training has to change and should “continually be forward-thinking, innovative, and aggressive” (Greer). Training is so significant “that each service has its own major subordinate command dedicated to training (Greer). The essential goal of military training is to make sure “that when the nation goes to war”, the armed forces of the United States is able to achieve “strategic, operational, and tactical objectives” (Greer). Although military training is intense and prepares soldiers for war, it does not prepare them for the harsh realities of it. Works Cited Greer, Jim. “Training: The Foundation for Success in Combat”, Heritage.org, The Heritage Foundation, 4 October 2018 Poole, Oscar. “‘Worst War Crime’ committed by US in Iraq” The Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 27 May 2006, telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/1519608/Worst-war- crime-committed-by-US-in-Iraq.html Stanek, Tomasz, “My Lai Massacre.Doc”, Chaffey College, 22 August 2018, chaffey.instructure.com/courses/3204/files/folder/Week%2014?preview=390273


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