Describe the organization you interned with and the industry within which it competes or operates.

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I need help for the report and the evaluation. The company was FAA for ( Limousines & Tours), Https://www.faalimotours.com1. Title page with report title, your name, date, internship organization, and your jobtitle within the organization.2. Internship Overview.a. Describe the organization you interned with and the industry within whichit competes or operates. For example, if it is a for-profit business, youwould mention that product or service it provides and identify itscustomers and competitors. 1 to 2 pages.b. Your internship responsibilities. Provide specific details on the jobresponsibilities and work completed in your internship. How did this alignwith your expectations going into the internship? 2 to 3 pages.3. Mapping the Internship to the IS Major’s PLGs and DLOs. Identify one or morePLG and one or more DLO and describe how the internship helped you achievethis goal or outcome. Provide specific and detailed examples in this section. 2 to3 pages.4. Personal Reflection. An important outcome from internships is learning whatwork activities you prefer and what activities you would rather avoid. This can beuseful in directing you towards future professional positions. What did you enjoymost about the internship? What did you enjoy the least? 1 to 2 pages.5. Reflections on the IS Major. What changes or modifications to the IS Majorwould you recommend as a result of having participated in the internship? Whattechnologies and competencies are missing from our major offered at SDSU?What are the strengths of the Major? 1 to 2 pages.6. Appendices (attach both to your report)a. Appendix A: Statement of Work Hoursb. Appendix B: Supervisor EvaluationThe total length of this report should be 10 to 12 pages not including the title page orappendixes.Just for your information the list below is required from the syllables :Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with a Major inInformation Systems (i.e., the MIS Major).BSBA students will graduate being: Effective Communicators, Critical Thinkers, Able toAnalyze Ethical Problems, and Global in their perspective and Knowledgeable about theessentials of business. MIS 495 MIS Internship contributes to these goals through itsstudent learning outcomes:▪ Practice the leadership role of MIS in achieving business competitive advantagethrough informed decision making.▪ Apply fundamentals of business education to analyze and synthesize businessprocesses/opportunities/strategies with a focus on the role of MIS in a real-worldcontext.▪ Employ MIS related skills such as technology/information management, dataanalytics, or IT project management.▪ Explain how MIS theories relate to real-world contexts and describe how theyhelp to achieve organizational goals.▪ Employ effective oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills whileengaging in MIS activities.▪ Integrate the experience or knowledge gained during the internship experienceinto career decision-making, career planning and the job search process.2The Information Systems Major has three Program Learning Goals (PLGs) consistingof eight Degree Learning Outcomes (DLOs)PLG 1: Analyze stakeholder information requirements and design, develop, andimplement information systemsDLO 1: Design and construct capabilities to optimize the use and management ofinformationDLO 2: Create software programs to solve common business problemsDLO 3: Interconnect, manage, and safeguard information system assetsPLG 2: Communicate organizational and technical concepts to technical andnontechnical stakeholdersDLO 4: Use models and other IS design artifacts to deepen understanding ofproblems and solutionsDLO 5: Prepare and defend both written and oral professional-quality proposalsand reports for IS-related topicsDLO 6: Apply collaboration and leadership techniques in an IS settingPLG 3: Use data to support evidence-based reasoningDLO 7: Integrate data from a variety of systems and data structuresDLO 8: Analyze data to discover meaningful relationships and trend


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