Dear Students: This is a qualitative research assignment, write a 2 pg’s executi

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Dear Students: This is a qualitative research assignment, write a 2 pg’s executive summary. Please reflect using your critical thinking on the current economic topics: Tariffs and Trade on China, on EU and the effects on the U.S. Economy. Mission: Please examine the economic policies on trade and tariffs on China, the EU and how they will affect the U.S. Economy. Through your qualitative research reflect in a journal report of 2pgs long double space (APA or Chicago style format) and use 6 resources as well as in-text citation. (no wikipedia or any other open source media). Guidelines to Consider for your Research: Examine past and recent recessions causes and effects Recent new on inflation and why it was caused and consequences Check the relationship of China’s trade and agreement on Tariffs as well as with the EU Research Guidelines: Utilize online articles from Foreign Affairs Journal/ or other qualitative research data online. Use the Online Library of your College. Evaluate your reasoning and justification from valid qualitative research from Think Tanks and appropriate news sources e.g. (BBC, Economic Forum, Bloomberg, RAND, AP and Reuters) Use the proper APA/Chicago Style Format (paraphrase correctly with in text citation) refer to ‘pages’ tab or ‘announcement tab’ for more info. Thorough qualitative research 5-6 resources and not wikipedia use the ‘Pages’ tab for extra research references. Include a Bibliography and don’t get off Topic!!! ****no Wikipedia… etc. please check ‘pages’ tab for further Links to do your research or Utilize online articles from Foreign Affairs Journal/ or other qualitative research data online. Some Suggested Readings Links: The US-China Trade War and Implications for Europe (Links to an external site.) How Trump’s Tariffs Really Affected the U.S. Job Market (Links to an external site.) Which US communities are most affected by Chinese, EU and NAFTA Tariffs (Links to an external site.) What comes after coronavirus for economy? Worry about stagflation (Links to an external site.) U.S. Treasury’s Yellen tamps down inflation fears over Biden spending plan (Links to an external site.) The Biden Administration is Quietly Keeping Tabs on Inflation (Links to an external site.) Inflation: Investors are concerned economists see sign (Links to an external site.) Economic tremors hit White House at crucial moment for Biden … (Links to an external site.) Joe Biden wants to Europeanise the American welfare state (Links to an external site.) Biden signs $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law (Links to an external site.) ‘Healthy debate,’ but no breakthroughs in Biden’s critical talks with China’s Xi Jinping (Links to an external site.) Submission Guidelines: Please write a two page summary of your research and adhere to APA/Chicago formatting. You must include 5-6 resources from credible sources you can also use my Links under Module. 2 pgs long double space with in-text citation. Extra pgs Cover pg & Bibliography = 4 pgs total with your main Body content essay Submit your assignment saved Word document or type it in the text Canvas. Submit Word. doc (not Pages or Google doc.) Grade Rubric: Write 2 pgs Research Essay using your critical thinking on the topic= 5 points Use 5-6 resources and in-text citation as well as Bibliography/Citation APA or Chicago style format with correct paraphrasing and list of Citation=5 points


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