Cybersecurity principles of IT focus on a set of practices intended to keep a co

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Cybersecurity principles of IT focus on a set of practices intended to keep a corporate infrastructure secure. These practices include, but are not limited to, system, data, internal, external, and physical security. The principles are designed to prevent unauthorized access or alterations of a corporate environment. By understanding how cybersecurity principles are defined, they can be used to develop a comprehensive, corporate-specific, security policy. Using the format of your choice, create a chart related to the cybersecurity principles listed below: • Separation (of domains/duties) • Isolation • Encapsulation • Modularity • Simplicity of design (economy of mechanism) • Minimization of implementation (least common mechanism) • Open design • Complete mediation • Least privilege • Fail-safe defaults/Fail secure • Least astonishment (psychological acceptability) • Minimize trust surface (reluctance to trust) • Usability • Trust relationships For each of the principles listed, include the following: • Definition (1-2 sentences written in your own words) • Explanation of why each principle is important to security and how it enables the development of security mechanisms to implement desired security policies APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.


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