Create a Word Document that details the goals and objectives for your interventi

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Create a Word Document that details the goals and objectives for your intervention. For a reminder on how to create goals and objectives listen to the recording of this document. Remember to include: One overall goal (remember that a goal is very broad). Create 3-5 objectives for clients: Develop realistic & measurable objectives for the clients from the identified goal (problems). Create 3-5 objectives for Key Informant: Develop realistic & measurable objectives for the Key Informant. Add the following to the Document you created for Goals and Objectives: identify the educational strategy(ies) that you will use in developing your education (see Chapter 19–the video overview of written instructions says Chapter 16 but it’s Chapter 19 in the new edition of the textbook). Document in 300-350 words which strategies you will use and how you will incorporate them into the intervention plus the social/cultural belief/value you’ve identified and a strategy(ies) to address it. To assist with this step you should: Review Chapter 19, pages 418-425, to help identify one (1) social/cultural belief/value to consider when planning implementation for the vulnerable population. Chapter 19 speaks of barriers to learning and changing—this can be one of them. Now, start creating your interventions! These interventions (you need at least TWO health promotion education pieces) can be flyers, brochures/pamphlets, can be documents your KI needed help with, a resource binder, etc. They MUST be evidence-based, though, which means that research is required! Keep in mind that whatever you decide to create needs to be YOUR WORK! I will NOT accept information and education that you just download from the internet. It MUST be YOUR work in order for you to get credit for the project. You can get ideas for something you’d like to create by researching ideas on the internet, but DO NOT find ready-made literature, pamphlets, etc. online and submit them as your own! This step and the following steps can carry over into next week, but you will need to implement next week with the KI, so the creations should be almost complete this week. Your creations will be on separate Word Documents. Please use ONLY Microsoft Word! It is easily edited and most people have access to it. DO NOT save your creations as pdf files! They MUST be editable! **Plan on submitting what you’ve completed on Sunday (even if it is not finished) for a preliminary approval because the faculty MUST approve the project before you implement. 4. Create a Word document for websites used and Flesch-Kincaid: List all the websites used in creation of the evidence-based plan of care on this Word document. Example: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office ( Remember to determine the Flesch-Kincaid readability level of the finished products. Depending on your population, this level should be a 5th to 6th grade level; however, if you created education for 1st to 3rd grade children, of course the education level would need to be 1st to 3rd grade. You can include this information on the Website Evaluation Document. (200-300 words). 5. Create another Word Document for the evaluation methods for both the Key Informant and the Client. How will you evaluate whether or not the KI understands how to use your creations? How will you evaluate whether or not the client LEARNED what you wanted them to learn after using your educational material? Click on evaluation methods above to review the instructions.


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