Consider the following quote: “We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape

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Consider the following quote: “We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.” – Marshall McLuhan* Marshall McLuhan’s quote may very well have been attributed to other figures in history, used in completely different contexts. However if bears a powerful lens through which to interpret the main topics of the seminars in Music 2.0 Students will choose and research a single key concept from the course seminars and materials and consider the following essay question: Through the context of McLuhan’s quote, what are some likely potential future directions for music? Criteria -The essay question should be applied to the student’s specific chosen concept or subtopic from within the course. (in this case my chosen concept is music streaming services) -From a minimum of 10 citations, at least half of those sources should be new sources from outside the course and its readings. -Clearly outline a concept for the future of music in the introduction, and state how the essay will justify it in the body. -Use citations of key concepts and quotes from other sources to construct at least three examples or arguments that support concept of the future of music within the essay body. -Summarise your examples and arguments, and connect them to the stated intentions from the introduction. -Include a bibliography of all the cited sources.


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