Compute and plot the Power Spectrum Density.

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For this assignment, you will have to conduct an analysis of the gravitational-wave signal GW190521. This analysis should be done within a Jupyter notebook, with many comments in Markdown desribing and justifying the steps taken.
Please justify every part of the code and describe in detail the steps taken.
Any setting choice (sampling rate, window parameter, FFT length, etc…) needs to be justified, either by its own investigation or relevant citations from the literature.
Minimum 300 words.
Write an introduction to this analysis, citing the relevant context and literature.
Write a short summary of what is done in the notebook.
**cell 1**
– Download and plot the relevant gravitational-wave data for GW190521.
– Compute and plot the Power Spectrum Density.
– Compute and plot the whitened data. Use filters if necessary to best highlight where the signal is (or might be).
**cell 2**
-Generate and plot a CBC signal which you expect to be a good match for the signal. Use the literature, and cite your sources
-Generate and plot a phenomenological model (sometimes refer to as a “Burst” model). A model whose parameters describe the shape of the waveform itself, not the source.
-Compute the overlap between those those two signals, and try to find parameters that maximises that overlap.
NOTE: remember that gravitational-wave are redshifted.
**cell 3**
Limiting yourself to a coincident (not coherent) analysis:
-Compute the SNR time series for the CBC signal model
-Compute the SNR time series for the Burst signal model
-Discuss the differences, if any.
-Estimate a bound on the False Alarm Rate of the detection.
**cell 4**
-Using the CBC model, build a likelihood, prior and posterior function for the network of gravitational-wave detectors.
-Maximise that function and plot the relevant quantities.
-Interface that posterior function with a sampling algorithm (you are free to select any ready-made algorithm).
-Perform the sampling, and plot the results.
-Redo the steps above with the Burst model.
-Compare the results and discuss.
Minimum 300 words.
Discuss your results in the context of the literature.
Mention how your work compares with published results.
Discuss some of the interpretation possibles of GW190521, including relevant citations from the literature, and summarising them.


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