Baby Talk: Decoding The Secret Language Of Babies explain and discuss meaning-ma

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Baby Talk: Decoding The Secret Language Of Babies explain and discuss meaning-making in terms of infant and toddler communication identify and connect the infant’s different modes of communication describe and explain how infants and toddlers use non-verbal behavior to communicate their wants and needs to their caregivers (Course Objective #4). Overview: Rewrite this introduction: Bababababa, dadadadada, ahgagaga. Got that? Babies are speaking to us all the time, but most of us have no clue what they’re saying. To us non-babies, it all sounds like charming, mysterious, gobbleydegook. To researchers, though, babbling is knowable, predictable, and best of all, teachable. This week, we’ll find out how to decipher the vocabulary, and the behavior, of the newest members of the human family. First, we explore the wordless conversation of synchronous movement and the bonding that happens when a parent and child sway in harmony. In her 2014 study (Links to an external site.) on toddlers, Laura Cirelli discovered that 14-month-olds who felt they were bouncing in sync with a dance partner were more likely to help that partner pick up an object that was out of reach. Music and rhythm create a connection because, as Cirelli says, synchronous movement is its own kind of language—a language of affection. “When we are moving with other people [and] singing familiar songs, these are cueing us, babies and adults, to think about the relationships we have with these people.” Instructions: Listen to the podcast above (you can also read the transcript). Reflect on the podcast and share your reflection in this assignment. Your reflection should include at least three sections. One paragraph addressing your personal reaction or connection to the topics. The second paragraph comparing the podcast to what the textbook presents. Lastly, come up with two critical thinking questions to ask a classmate who also listened to the podcast (like a test question).


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