ANSWER THESE 3 QUESTIONS… Question A:  Corporate culture is perhaps the most i

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Question A:  Corporate culture is perhaps the most influential factor in determining what an employee will do when faced with an ethical decision. You are the new CEO of a company with a very aggressive, outcome focused corporate culture. You have been brought in to tame the culture and focus on long-term performance and quality improvement. You realize that you also have to create an ethical culture.  What specific steps would you take to change the strong existing culture that is only focused on making the numbers?
Question B: In this module, we watched several powerful video clips. One repeated a study by Milgram that found that most of us are very obedient to authority. Several others showed how reluctant we are to get involved and help others even when they are hurt. You are a manager who cares about ethics and wants to create an ethical company.  You want people to do the right thing even when counter to authority. You expect people to stick their neck out if they see wrong doing. What do you do to counter these findings?
Question C:  What has a greater impact on whether a person makes an ethical decision in an organization? Is it the individual factors (upbringing, personality, experiences, etc.) or is it the organizational factors (culture, rewards, leaders, coworkers, etc.)? Explain.


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