Analyze one the following Big Data systems (Walmart) and design the Big Data Analytics Flow for these systems.

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1) Analyze one the following Big Data systems (Walmart) and design the Big Data Analytics Flow for these systems.
2) Map the suitable technological frameworks for the designed analytics flow and generate a complete design of Data Stack for these companies.
IEEE template must be used for the report
– Your design must be justified and appropriately explained using technical terms.
– Supporting examples with data samples and screenshots from the system must be used whenever possible.
– As part of your learning task, you are expected to search for information about the big data systems used in these companies. Do not just use your best judgment, and you need to validate your analysis from verified sources.
– These companies might be using multiple big data analytics systems. You can choose one and focus your analysis on it.
Address all the following points in the report:
o Raw Data
▪ What type of data is generated?
▪ Source of data?
▪ Pace of generation
▪ Dynamicity of data
▪ Size of data
▪ Give examples
▪ Technical challenges inherent in collecting and/or processing this type of data
o Data Collection
▪ Based on the above analysis, what would be the best collection mechanim/s
▪ What would be the best technology
o Data Processing
▪ Based on the analysis of raw data, what are the common abnormalities?
▪ What would be the best preparation tasks to handle these abnormalities
▪ Give at least 2 working examples
o Data Analytics
▪ What type of analytics are produced in this system
▪ What is the mode used to egenrate these analytics, e.g., batch, real-time,
▪ Which technology can support this type and mode of analytics
o How analytics and insights are utilized/visualized?
▪ Static
▪ Dynamic
▪ Realtime
▪ Give examples and screenshots from the system


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