1. What is philosophy? Can you explain, in your own words, one or more of the de

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1. What is philosophy? Can you explain, in your own words, one or more of the definitions of philosophy included in this module? Do you find these definitions clear? Why or why not? What do you find most interesting and/or provocative about philosophy as we have defined it so far? 2. Define these important vocabulary terms from Kant in your own words and/or using Kant’s text: enlightenment, immaturity, guardians (including an example), public use of reason, private use of reason. Some questions to think about here: Who are examples of guardians today, and how would the public/private distinction apply to those examples? 3. What implications does Kant’s view of enlightenment have for how philosophy would be defined in general? (Compare to question 1 above.) 4. Can you think of an objection to or critique of Kant’s definition of enlightenment in the opening paragraphs of his essay? Do you find anything false or questionable or one-sided in his view? 5. Can you explain Russell’s argument that philosophy has value? What elements of his argument are relevant, or how does he prove this conclusion? Do you find his argument convincing? Why or why not? 6. Can you provide an objection to or critique of some aspect of Russell’s view? For example, concerning his definition of science (as opposed to philosophy), to his idea of “seeing as God might see,” or to his conception of the freedom from anxiety that philosophy produces? Do you find anything false or questionable in his view? Search entries or author Search entries or author Filter replies by unread


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