1.Sex offenders are generally stigmatized and frequently excluded from different

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1.Sex offenders are generally stigmatized and frequently excluded from different programs in prison. Should advocacy strategies be used for sex offenders? If yes, what advocacy strategies could be used to support sex offenders’ access to programs? Sometimes sex offenders are not able to be in programs within the prison for their own protection. Maybe some programs should have separate classes for sex offenders. That way they could also benefit from the program and their safety could be at lower risk. People deserve the chance to get better. Learning to make positive improvements can be difficult, but with the right support, even the worst offenders can learn to be better. It can be difficult for some to see sex offenders as people too, they are though. Their crimes do not define them and not everyone is beyond help. There are also occasions when the individual is not guilty. There is never an easy answer to a change for offenders because things are not accepted by those involved. However, it is important to ensure that the opportunities are provided to give offenders the chances to learn and make positive improvements.2. Should advocacy strategies be used for sex offenders? No, I do not believe that sex offenders should be advocated for. There are many crimes that can stick with someone, but this crime can truly change the way a person sees themselves. There are many victims who never learn to cope with trauma like this and it can ruin that person’s life. I do believe that sex offenders should have a mental evaluation to understand what was going through their mind for them to think this behavior is okay; But I do not feel like they need to feel welcomed into groups, programs, treatment plans, etc. with other offenders. I grew up with the saying ‘you made y I ur bed, now you lay in it.’ Sex offenders should not make other people feel like they have to forgive them. They can not pretend like nothing happened.


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