1. If you have a brother or a sister, how are you similar and how are you differ

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1. If you have a brother or a sister, how are you similar and how are you different? What do you think caused your differences and similarities? If you are an only child, what qualities do you think you inherited from your biological parents, and which were more influenced by your environment? 2. Do you tend to seek out environments that suit your personality? How so? 3. Do you know someone who is opposite from you in the area of morningness-eveningness? Has this caused conflict in your relationship? 4. Do you feel you have an intrinsic need to belong? Evaluate the groups you’ve belonged to over your life. Were you joining simply because you found each other interesting, or was there something more going on? 5. Based on your finger ratio and your tendencies, do you think you are high or low on testosterone for your gender? How does that affect your life? 6. Understanding that both genetics and environment play a role in shaping personality, weigh in on which one holds more sway. Why do you feel this way? 7. The biological basis of personality is absolutely fascinating! imho. Watch and comment on this nice explanation video on the biological basis of our personality. One thing you already knew, one thing you were surprised by, and one thing that relates to our textbook directly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST2zgtoM6K8&ab_channel=PracticalPsychology And secondly, in your own words explain 3 of the most important terms from this chapter reading. Just like in your TWIL, explain why these are most important.


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